Testimonials in English

A few words from my dear clients.

  • Anastasia has now helped me on a number of web and graphic design projects and the results have been amazing.

    She is truly a gifted designer that always goes above and beyond to help me achieve exactly what im after.

    I can not recommend her enough and absolute pleasure to work with.

  • We needed a webpage for our latest iPad app. We have held many, many design contests on 99designs with mostly positive results. Lucky for us, during this contest we found one of the best designers on this site (possibly in the world).
    Anastasia constantly exceeded our expectations with the quality of her work, her attention to detail, and her comprehensiveness. She gave us more than what we needed (and we didn’t even ask!). We can’t thank her enough for all of her hard work and her amazing creative skills.

  • I’ve worked with Anastasia on many projects, including digital ads, web and print brochures, online newsletters, and website builds. I have always been delighted with the results. She’s a creative and talented graphic designer with a great vision. She is also a skilled programmer and a professional worker.

  • Awesome design skills. She follows closely design requirements. Very easy to work with. Definitely, one of the best freelancers!!!

  • great quality, great communication.

  • You need the perfect collaboration partner!? – She is it!! Awesome communication, she does not only provide what you want, she goes further and gives high value suggestions. 8 of 5 stars!!

  • Excellent work thank you, will hire you again :)

  • Anastasia is an amazing designer – she does a supreme job, she has a keep eye and impeccable taste. You will be lucky to hire her do any work — she is fast, detail oriented and super reliable.

  • Anastasia is a fantastic contractor I’ve ever had a chance to work with!
    We successfully managed to create several web sites from scratch till full implementation. She is quick, highly responsive to client’s demand and always on time. It was a pleasure to work with her on our projects.

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