Healthy Ready

Homepage design for service provider of fresh and healthy prepared food.

My role in this project was to analyze competitors, and then to suggest more interesting, eye-catching solution for homepage. I was provided with company logo, and 3 inspirational websites.

Started my work from gathering data from list of website with similar services provided by the client. Once I finished this process, the following list of elements was created:

  1. Prominent image and welcoming text
  2. Eye-catching “Get started” button
  3. Description of process (how it works)
  4. Choices of meal plans
  5. Testimonials
  6. Examples of recipes
  7. Information about service, story
  8. Call to action

I wasn’t sure about About us block, since this service was just born, and doesn’t have much history. That’s why client was suggested to skip this block for now. As a result, I created 2 style options for this design:



Preferred option is showed in details, such as quick description of style guide below. Since it was a contest option, I had to make a lot of decisions myself, without much feedback. Taking delicious colors from logo as main highlights, I completed them with chalk and wood textures.

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