Scope: design and develop one-page website for a translation agency.
Role: Ui/UX designer, WordPress developer, art director.
Year: 2015

This project happened a few years ago, but I believe its design is still relevant enough to show in my portfolio. This is a great example of the collaboration between an entrepreneur and a designer. Quick turnaround and a lean launch, like this, are perfect for a new business.

Ekaterina is an educator who was pivoting to translation services. She was offering translation from and to Russian, German, English, and Chinese. This wonder woman needed a small website to tell her customers about her services, process, and credentials. This is how this WordPress-based one-pager was born.

The process

Upon our meeting, we agreed on the following information structure for the website:

Name and contact info, with contact form
What languages does she work with
What materials she can translate
What’s the step-by-step process
How much does it cost
Social proof – testimonials from happy clients
Diplomas and certifications
Once the structure was decided, I moved over to selecting colors and fonts, as well as composing the page itself. The tricky part was our audience: it’s very broad. Any person or business could order her services, so it was important not to lock it on any personas and stereotypes.

The result

This website turned out to be engaging enough to appeal to any age group, and, at the same time, very well structured.

And, as a cherry on top, for the header, I suggested a small design element – outlines of city capitals to match four languages Ekaterina was offering.

Translation bureau website one-page WordPress design

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