Business portraits

Scope: portrait photography for social media and business profiles.
Role: commercial photographer, art director.
Year: since 2018

As a freelance lifestyle photographer, I was able to help all these entrepreneurs with their portraits so they could use them in their social media profiles and Instagram feeds.

Each project was unique – because each person is.

How my photography process usually looks like?

I always start with the objective and work with a client as a team to generate some ideas for our future photoshoot. 

After we select a location, discuss outfits with a client, I would help decide on a general look and feel of our photo session, using photography mood boards. Attention is paid to smaller details, such as – how photos are going to be used in the Instagram grid, do they need copy space for website headers, and more.

The entire process is very simple, guided, and comes down to just a few checkboxes (great attitude of all parties included).

The photo session itself can be anything between 30 minutes and 3 hours. I don’t recommend going beyond that since clients are usually at the point of exhaustion after a few hours of shooting (unless s/he is a professional model). But anything under 3 hours feels like a walk with a friend with a camera. 

Efficiency is the key – that’s why when planning a photo session day, I make myself familiar with a selected location (paying attention to the time of day) and make sure we change outfits most seamlessly to save time. 

The result of each photo session is always a happy client who has a few months of visual content for their social media! 

I feel grateful to be able to help so many professionals – cooks, project managers, actors, educators, influencers! Message me to see how can I help advance your social media photography!

If you are interested in my photography services, check out my portrait and event photography portfolio

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