Cascade Links

Scope: create visual identity and digital assets for a YouTube channel.
Role: brand designer, art director.
Year: 2020

With YouTube space so crowded, and level of professionalism of YouTubers so high, YouTube channels become brands on their own. So when it came to creating brand identity, this channel’s owner didn’t hesitate to ask for my professional help. 

Cascade Links is a new YouTube channel about golf courses across Canada. The resource needed great, convincing branding to stand out from the competition, and to match the great content he was going to publish there, and I was happy to help with that!

The process

Similar to any other project, I started by searching for competitors to determine the industry baseline. Once I did that, I realized that there are conventional colors and devices used in the golf industry. By following them, we would avoid alienating users who accustomed to a certain look of the resources they use daily. We want a brand to look different, but not different to the point it’s mistaken for some other industry.

While brainstorming design solutions, I came up with two design ideas, out of which thу idea below was selected.

The result

Final deliverables included: YouTube cover for the channel, user pic, template for lower thirds, template for video covers, fonts, logo, and colors.

Logo for a YouTube channel
Brand guidelines: font selection for a YouTube channel branding
Mockup of a visual identity for a YouTube channel

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