Amy Udani

Scope: creating a design for website home page. This was a contest work for Amy Udani—a pharmacist and internet-marketer. This design was chosen for final round.
Role: UI/UX designer. Working on this project, I completed interface design for Amy’s website in several options and iterations following Amy’s guidelines, and prototype of home page animation.
Year: 2016

The process

Amy helps female entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry (dentists, optometrists, chiropractors) with lead generation and online marketing. She already had her book designed, so design for her website should have been in line with her style, colors and fonts, and also to be elegant and impressive.

My task was to create a bold and sleek design for three website pages: front page, promo page about Amy, and “Work with me” page. I was provided with photos of a person which should be replaced with Amy’s photos in future, and preferences on fonts and elements treatment. Amy also prepared content for all three pages.

Before start, I conducted shallow competitive analysis. It help me to understand that Amy’s direct and indirect competitors deliver their messages to visitors through using large fonts, short and loud blocks of texts, and rich imagery. This approach totally made sense for me: it’s obvious that personal coaches want to speak to their potential customers when they visit entrepreneur’s website. It should be different from classic corporate website which provide overview of a company. Instead, Amy’s website should connect with visitor emotionally, telling stories about her.

So I chose this approach, and after planning out structure of pages (unfortunately my paper sketches didn’t survive), I suggested Amy two initial design options:

I did realized that second option is contrary to Amy’s style, and it was made intentionally. Since I participated a contest, I wanted to be sure that possible approaches were provided. Comparing various options help client to establish themselves in thought that they chose the right direction (or even change direction, in some cases), or, if other options contain interesting elements, to combine them into one design.

Once Amy chose first option, she asked me if we could make it less feminine and colorful, which I was happy to do. After couple of iterations, we came up with final home page design, and I prepared two other pages keeping them in line with style we created.

The result

As a result, I created this memorable, elegant and modern solution, which completes image of this smart entrepreneur, through clear information presenting and smooth animations.

Full-size clickable prototype can be found here (in new window).

Visual identity elements for a female entrepreneur

Visual identity elements for a female entrepreneur

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