Various product photography

Scope: photography for social media and other promo materials for various clients.
Role: photographer, art director.
Year: since 2018

I’ve been helping my clients to make their products look attractive on their social media, catalogs, advertising, and e-commerce websites.

During my career, I happened to work with various industries: food, supplements, household, fashion. I worked on clients’ locations, as well as in the studio, creating engaging photo content for their social channels.

Becoming a brand’s product photographer, I, in a way, play the role of their visual designer. I’m the one who is making sure my photos would work in a brand’s design ecosystem. Behind any stunning product image, there are hours of searching for inspiration and competitor research. When setting up a brand’s creative shoot, I make sure to match (and elevate!) the brand’s aesthetics by following a brand’s goals and its visual direction.

When I’m getting ready for a shoot, you can find me searching for inspiration on Pinterest, shopping for backgrounds in Staples, or searching for props in Value Village.

From trendy shadow shots on a minimal white background for Instagram to intricate classic dark product photos for a brochure, I did it all.

Here are some examples of my work:

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