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Scope: create graphics for Instagram feed, Instagram stories, pinterest, Facebook feed.
Role: graphic designer, photographer, art director.
Year: since 2019


Design for social posts is the ultimate combination of marketing, design, photography, and animation skills. And there is no wonder – it’s aimed to leave a solid impression on your prospects.

When working on graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, I count in multiple factors:

  • How they are going to live in the existing grid or storyline (and if there were any repeats)
  • How my graphic is going to fit this brand’s goals
  • If it’s engaging enough for a user to take action
  • What are the requirements and features of each platform
  • What are the internal project limitations: deadlines, product availability, etc

Social media graphics can be photography, video, or illustration of my production or curated stock photo that fits that brand’s aesthetics. To keep brand media diverse, I look at the social strategy as a whole and build a plan, so visual content always looks fresh and attractive.

Being a visual platform, Instagram takes a special place in this planning. Not only your posts should be attractive in a user’s feed on their own, but they should also look stunning together in a brand’s profile grid. I achieve it with advanced planning.

Here arу some of the examples of designs I completed for clients’ Instagram and Facebook feeds and stories: 

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